Internet Applications تطبيقات الإنترنت

نحن نتخصص بتصميم وبرمجة أنظمة الحاسب الآلي المتكاملة (إنترانت، سحابيات، وبرامج). نصمم ونبني أنظمة متكاملة تربط بين المعلومات، المستخدمين، والأجهزة

We are experienced applications programmers. We design and implement practical, highly functional systems (Internet, Intranet, Cloud, and software) that enable the collection, storage, processing, and transmission of information for small and medium size companies and institutions.

Internet Applications
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Visual Studio® .NET Ultimate 2013 (ASP.NET, C#.NET), Entity Framework, Database applications and administration (SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, iOS's Core Data), Web Applications (C#.NET, Intranet), Cloud computing (Windows Azure websites, applications, databases, ...etc.) XML Service protocols (WCF, API, WebAPI), Windows Applications (including Telnet & TCP interfacing), XML, LINQ, Microsoft Web Server 2012 setup & complete hosting solutions, Regular Expressions (C#, Perl, Objective-C), Team Foundation Server 2012, XSLT, Windows Phone 8 (Marketplace), Alcatel-Lucent IMS® & Huawei IMS® OSS, NGN (Next Generation Network) system integration applications, iOS (iPhone®, iPod Touch®, and iPad™, Core Data) using Xcode and Objective-C (App Store), Linux Applications (Fedora and Ubuntu) written in Perl, C, C++ (using Netbeans), and C# (using Mono). Adobe Illustrator® CS5, SMS Messaging, QR Barcode generators, jQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Digital Photography, Web design and publishing (SEO, Google Adwords,...etc.), Networking, (Cisco, DLink, Linksys switches & routers), IP Camera, CCNA, CCNP. Mathematical Numerical Analysis, Cryptography (Public-Key asymmetric, symmetric, hashing).

Portfolio Sample:

NGN Server Software
This is an advanced, mission critical server application that monitors the state and provisioning of a complete NGN (Next Generation Netwrok) with thousands of subscribers. The application communicates with an array of servers and other applications using many different protocols to collect and maintain the state of the system. The application work in conjunction with an advanced Intranet site. (Technology: C#.NET, SQL Server, MS Access database, TCP, API Services, Telnet, Intranet, XML, XSLT)

NGN Server Software