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Name: Jasem Y. Al-Shamlan
Position: Senior .NET Framework Programmer/Consultant
Role: Experienced .NET programmer. Specialize in .NET Framework® technologies that enable the collection, storage, and transmission of information.
Education: Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering (1997) and Mathematics (1996), and an unofficial Minor degree in Computer Science (1997). Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.A.

We design practical Internet webpages and software systems for businesses & institutions. Our systems are reliable, innovative, and cost effective. Our team is highly skilled and motivated, and have many years of experience working with Internet webpages and applications. We also provide Internet related consultancy and website maintenance.

"We Design Internet Webpages and Sofware Systems": Our current stratigic position is to design and build Internet webpages and software systems. This gives us a deeper commitmet and understanding of the Internet and application needs of our clients, and will reflect on our status as "Internet webpage and software developers". We do however look forward towards a future stratigic position at which we will offer more complete IT solutions like commercial packages, server maintenance,...etc.

We seek to build meaningful websites and applications that produce tangeble results by conveying our clients image, brand, and marketing messages, and promotes their products and services.

Our customers are mainly managers of small to medium-size businesses that need practical, small, and cheap webpages and software to identify their business online with suitable advertisement.

Our business values: we will provide solutions that are challenging, advanced, innovative, integrated, low cost, reliable, and unique, and will provide them with the best possible customer care.