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We design practical Internet webpages for businesses & institutions. Our systems are reliable, innovative, and cost effective. Our team is highly skilled and motivated, and have many years of experience working with Internet webpages and applications. We also provide Internet related consultancy and website maintenance.

"Use Good Judgement in All Situations"

We understand that the needs of clients are different, but basically business clients would buy and pay for the "benefits" that a service provider can give them, and not "features" of services. Furthermore we understand that customers want usefull "Functions" of the product at reasonable "Prices". They also want to feel in "Contol" of their product and need to "Feel Good" about the service. Also the client needs to have a sense of integration of services towards a near "Future".

We do understand what a client needs, and for this reason, when dealing with a customer we will:

  1. Listen carefully
  2. Ask questions to know the customer's position & needs
  3. Tell the customer what he already has: this is the best method to assert that we and the customer understand each other exactly
  4. Appreciate our product and explain its benifits to the client
  5. We will not oversell
  6. We will "under promise", and will "over-deliver"
  7. Be honest
  8. Compare but not critisize our competitors
  9. Will try to build relationships with the customer

We will not sell you a service that you do not need, and will only install for you what you need, when you need it. Our business values: we will provide solutions that are challenging, advanced, innovative, integrated, low cost, reliable, and unique, and will provide them with the best possible customer care.

We will "Use Good Judgement in All Situations"